The OECD Public Integrity Indicators establish a new benchmark for government resilience to corruption risks and for strengthening public integrity. Based on primary data sources and validated by countries, the Indicators help bolster global efforts against corruption by providing actionable data. The portal currently features data on the quality of public integrity and anti-corruption strategies.

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The first-ever set of internationally agreed indicators helps promote good practices by comparing countries’ performance to the OECD average and individual countries. The objective, evidence-based, and actionable data of the platform allows for a clear and robust analysis of countries’ integrity systems. The OECD Public Integrity Indicators cover OECD Member countries, non-OECD member countries that are adherent to the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Public Integrity, and other selected non-OECD member countries. Select your country of interest below.


Here you can find all six sets of agreed OECD indicators. Data is now available for quality of strategic framework and accountability of public policy making. Data collection is ongoing for internal control and risk management and data collection for strength of external oversight and control is scheduled for 2023.